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Welcome to Connor Willett's Computer Site! I'm Connor the creator of this site, and I'm really interested in computers.
Computers are one of my favorite things, so I made a website about them.
This is my logo, I made it in MSPaint.
Connor Willett's Computer Site
Or CWCS for short ;)
some useful programs
1). MyCam

MyCam is useful if you want to take pictures and videos with your webcam then upload them
online. This is what I use to take some of my videos.
2). HyperCam

This program is mainly used for screen capture. I use this for my videos now. Decided to retire using Camstudio.
3). FileBox eXtender

This program adds two buttons that make it easier for you to keep open programs by adding
a rollup button (looks like an arrow), which shows only the title bar of a window when clicked. To unroll the window, just
click the rollup button again. The thumbtack button makes windows that are open to be "always on top". To test this,
press the pin button, then try moving the window over the taskbar, and the window will go over the taskbar. To
turn off the option, just click the thumbtack button again.